longing for sunny days and grassy toes

I've realized you've only seen my face on this blog and thats kind of gross. 

My friend recently introduced me to the Sartorialist. And she said what I was wearing today reminded her of some kind of street style. And since I've actually been in a really good mood this week (well, we're only tuesday, but still), I thought I should do a proper blog post.

So here is what I am wearing right now in my bedroom, while my cats are sitting on the computer keyboard. so since i can't really type right now, here are artsy fartsy pictures of me.

I'm wearing navy blue and mustard yellow and i still feel like a little girl in pastels and glitter.

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  1. Mustard+Navy Blue = Awesome
    You can buy that pink dress on Audreygrace.com it's by Hayley Grundmann you should check her out all the clothes are amazing and sparkley :)