DIY wrapping paper

Although my family is a mix of buddhist, jewish, and atheist, I do celebrate christmas. Or "Jól", in icelandic. My dad is icelandic so we celebrate it as he did during his childhood. There are 13 "santas" and every night they come and place a little present in your shoe until it's actually christmas and you get a proper gift. So far, I have a notebook, a pencil, and a chocolate bar. But today's post isn't about how i celebrate the 24th of december. Here's a little DIY on how to impress your family members with this fancy wrapping paper. Oolala.

What you will need:
-18' 24'' of rough news sketch paper (you can find at your local art supplies or craft store)
-something to decorate this paper with (glitter, crayons, marker, stickers, etc. remember: the paper is thin)
-tissue (optional)
-and presents!

Step 1: choose your item of decoration (i chose paint but remember to not put too much water)
Step 2: get creative and design your wrapping paper.
If you have paint, take a tissue and dab it in the paint. then simply press this tissue on the paper gently like a stamp. this will make the paper appear less boring.

Step 3: now you can wrap the paper and you are ready to impress your fellow family members!

Happy Chanukkah, Merry Christmas, Gledileg Jól, And happy 12-12-12.